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  • Global IPO Market Hits 18-Year Trough
    How To Analyze Regional IPO Trends Using Thomson ONE
  • 17-Mar-2009
  • The number of IPOs issued in the U.S. reached a 30-year trough in 2008, while the global market saw its worst years by that measure since 1990. Global IPOs fell to a 18-year low in 2008 with 578 offerings, the lowest issuance level since 1990 (294 deals).In addition to a severe decline in the number of deals, the value of worldwide IPO proceeds fell 70% to $94 bln in 2008 from $315 bln a year earlier, in global equity’s worst year since the Great Depression.U.S. share of deal value has fallen to 28% in 2008, down from about 50% in 1990, while Asia –ex Japan’s share has risen to 32% from 13.9% in that same timeframe.

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