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  • Gold: A Commodity Play or Safe Haven?
    Analyzing Gold's Performance Versus Other Metals and Gold Equities
  • 07-Mar-2011
  • A November 2010 Thomson Reuters Proprietary Research study pointed to strong momentum for gold over the medium term, identifying strong global liquidity and low interest rates as support for a continued rally. Since that report, gold prices have risen by about 6%. In this new study, we revisit the gold rush theme: a) examining and comparing the performance of gold mining stocks at a regional/country level, b) shedding light on gold’s key macroeconomic price drivers and its performance versus other metals, and c) gauging the short-term outlook based on the Commitment of Traders report.

  • Regions: Global
  • Authors: Radhika Kamath
  • Products: Datastream
  • Keywords: commodities, gold
  • Download full report pdf_small
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  • COT Report: Reading Market Sentiment
    Analyzing Recent Trends in Corn and Sugar Futures
  • 15-Feb-2011
  • The Commitment of Traders (COT) report is a valuable tool in gauging market sentiment and near-term market direction. Data on corn futures’ trading reveal that companies on the consumption end of that industry have been hedging more actively in the recent past than have companies on the production end. This likely reflects commercial buyers’ fear of rising prices. At the same time, another trading segment, money managers, have been increasing net positions. This trading activity indicates a near-term bullish outlook for corn.

  • Regions: Global
  • Authors: Radhika Kamath , Amitesh Kumar
  • Products: Datastream
  • Keywords: commodities
  • Download full report pdf_small
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